Jeremiah Zartman

The mission of the Zartman Lab (Quantitative Analysis of Pattern Formation, Growth and Regeneration) is to build an interdisciplinary program aimed at furthering a fundamental understanding of the molecular mechanisms governing cellular growth and differentiation in multicellular contexts. The primary research focus of the lab is to study the signaling networks that regulate cell decisions such as differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis, as it relates to cancer, regeneration, and organogenesis. We focus on studying epithelial tissues, using both experimental and modeling approaches in model systems such as mammalian cell culture and genetic organisms such as Drosophila. An emerging theme of the lab’s research is to develop the “big picture” of how multicellular systems (tissues) are constructed (during embryonic development) and operate (homeostasis). This entails discovering how both extrinsic and intrinsic signals are integrated to affect cell behavior and fate determination during both normal development and the progression of diseases such as cancer.

The Emerging Field Of Synthetic Developmental Biology

The development of the human body from a single cell to many trillions of cells is an exceedingly complex process that depends on precise communication between cells. The process of cell communication results in cell differentiation into multiple types. Cellular […]