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Jennifer Gerton

Chromosomes are the genetic material that encode the instructions for life. Chromosomes experience many processes during a single cell cycle such as replication, recombination, condensation and transcription. Many of the proteins and pathways that operate on chromosomes are evolutionarily conserved from budding yeast to man. Defects in chromosome function underlie many human diseases such as cancer and birth defects. My research program takes advantage of yeast and mammalian model systems and uses genomics, genetics, live microscopy, molecular biology, and biochemistry to study processes that contribute to chromosome function, in particular, 1) SMC complexes and 2) centromeric chromatin.

Nucleoli Identified As Potential Markers Of Aging

Female reproductive aging is a major issue in today’s modern society. More and more women are choosing to delay childbearing for reasons that vary from effective contraception, increased presence in the workforce, and changes in values and family structures. However, […]