About The Author

I am a neurochemist and also a chemical neuroanatomist interested in deciphering sensory and nociceptive mechanisms.

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" --Haruki Murakami--
I previously identified a neurotransmitter in the sensory system and currently investigate whether it might be involved in the "option". Unexpectedly, it leads me to study the octopus arm, an organ with the most intriguing and complex nervous system that I have never once seen before.
Making, using and "hacking" antibodies to get the best of them are in my favorites and what my academic lectures are all about.

The Neural Network Of An Octopus Arm

An octopus arm is one of the most fascinating organs among animals. It has many particular features enabling it to carry out various vital tasks like moving, touching, grasping, sucking, hiding and camouflage, mating, and smelling. Among these features, a massive tridimensional array of muscle provides the arm with an almost unlimited “degree of freedom”