About The Author

"Jatin Nathwani is a Professor and holds the prestigious Ontario Research Chair in Public Policy for Sustainable Energy. He is the founding Executive Director of Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy at U Waterloo. He is currently working on a Global Change initiative- Affordable Energy for Humanity (AE4H.org). His work and research spans a broad spectrum of research domains at the nexus of climate policy, energy transitions, smart energy networks, human development metrics (the life quality index) energy economics and systems integration. His most recent publication is 'SUSTAINABLE ENERGY INFRASTRU CTURE FOR ASIA Policy framework for responsible financing and investment Artie Ng and Jatin Nathwani'."

A Regional Energy Hub For A Global Transition To A Low-Carbon Economy

The global transition to a low-carbon energy economy needs to capture the flexibility of technological developments (from solar PV development and battery storage to the deployment of small modular reactors) but also the changes in the social, environmental, and governmental requirements for a sustainable energy future. In our research, we capture this transition from a