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James B. Nardi

Jim Nardi's research focuses on the cell-cell and cell-substratum interactions that mold insect tissues and the insect immune response. He addresses questions at the tissue, cell, and molecular levels about factors involved in organizing insect cells into their precise patterns in space and time. These questions have focused on how cell surface and extracellular matrix molecules mediate directional movements and rearrangement of cells during development of insect tissues and during the immune response.

Remodeling Of A Cell Monolayer During The Larva-Pupa-Adult Transformation Of A Caterpillar Into A Moth

Metamorphosis in the animal kingdom involves choreographing a complex series of cell rearrangements, cell deaths, and cell divisions. In insects, discrete cell populations that are set aside early in development are destined to form many adult (imago) structures such as […]