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Jahahreeh Finley

Jahahreeh Finley is an accomplished life science patent attorney who has also recently authored several publications that will likely have an immeasurable impact on the assessment of disease etiology.

In 2014, Jahahreeh was the first person to publish that metformin, a commonly prescribed anti-diabetic drug, will ameliorate accelerated aging defects in cells from children with the genetic disease Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS) & beneficially alter a gene splicing factor that is dysregulated in HGPS. This hypothesis was substantiated in 2016, with metformin alleviating accelerated aging defects in HGPS cells & beneficially altering the same gene splicing factor that was hypothesized by Jahahreeh in 2014. Normal humans also produce the same toxic protein via the same faulty gene splicing method that causes accelerated aging in HGPS patients, making the substantiation of this hypothesis relevant for normal aging as well.

In 2015, Jahahreeh was also the first person to publish that HIV-1 latency & HGPS are connected by the same protein that metformin has been shown to primarily activate, called AMPK. Recent evidence has substantiated this hypothesis, with metformin having been shown to activate AMPK, inhibit the same splicing factor that is dysregulated in HGPS & HIV-1 latency, decrease the levels of the toxic protein progerin in HGPS cells, & destabilize latent HIV-1 (facilitating immune system detection & destruction).

In 2016, 2017, & 2018, Jahahreeh was the first person to publish that the same protein (AMPK) that connects HGPS & HIV-1 latency also links "jumping genes" & telomerase with the activation of human oocytes, a prerequisite for the creation of all human life. This hypothesis has also been substantiated, with the antibiotic ionomycin having been shown to activate AMPK, efficiently promote HIV-1 reactivation, activate "jumping genes", & induce human oocyte activation during IVF procedures, producing normal, healthy children.

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