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Ivan Maggini

My main research focus is on bird migration. Birds evolved morphological and physiological adaptations that allow them to perform large-scale movements through a variety of different habitats, under sometimes very challenging conditions, such as e.g. during the crossing of seas or deserts. It is also becoming increasingly clear that the strategies adopted by different species, or populations within species, are highly variable, depending on the characteristics of their itinerary. The aim of my research is to identify the physiological limitations that contribute to shaping and differentiating migration strategies. In the long run, knowing such limitations will help understand whether migratory birds are flexible enough to deal with changing environments and/or climate.

Endogenous Control Of Migratory Fueling In A Songbird

The fascination of bird migration lies in the performance of stunningly well-organized journeys by animals of very small size. Birds need to choose the right direction and timing, deal with a variety of environmental conditions and predators, and manage their […]