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Hongbin Zhan

Hongbin Zhan is a Professor and Dudley J. Hughes Chair in Geology and Geophysics at Texas A&M. His research interests cover Groundwater hydrology, flow and transport in geological formations. In particular: flow and mass and heat transport in low-permeability porous media (shale and tight sandstone), stream-aquifer water, mass, and heat exchanges with connected and disconnected rivers, and coupled horizontal/slant/vertical wells-aquifer flow and transport processes and its applications in hydrosciences and environmental engineering.

Reactive Solute Transport In An Asymmetrical Fracture-Rock Matrix System 

Understanding reactive solute transport in a single fracture-rock matrix system is the basis for studying transport behavior in the complex fractured porous media. Quantification of solute transport in the fracture system is essential for assessing the long-term fate of solute […]