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Hong Liang

The primary focus of our research is in the broad area of surface and interface science and engineering. This interdisciplinary area is in the frontier of science and has many important engineering applications. Current topics include, development of methodology to characterize and understand chemical, mechanical, physical, and tribological properties of surfaces and interfaces of materials in different states: solid, liquid, and vapor; development of processes to synthesize nanoparticles, nanostructured bulk materials, and surface coatings with multi-properties; and development of nanomanufacturing processes to fabricate nanostructures, nanodevices, sensors, and hybrid (including cyborg) systems.

Designing Better Lithium-ion Batteries  

With the increase in world population and quality living, energy has become a significant part of our daily life. Currently, the need for energy consumption does not match with its generation. Energy storage has thus become one of the grand […]