About The Author

My training is as a plant ecologist and conservation biologist, and my passions are research, management, and conservation of rare plant species and their habitats. I have two main research avenues. 1) The methods we use for quantifying and the actions we take for reducing the risk of extinction for rare plant species. For example, I study how we can better identify species at-risk due to climate change, and how we can use habitat management techniques to mitigate that risk. 2) I also examine how we can better translate scientific knowledge into actionable conservation techniques for practitioners in the field. For example, I have surveyed the conservation practitioners I collaborate with to quantify their needs so that I can tailor my work to be most useful to them.

Preventing Plant Extinction In A Complex World

There are many different factors that can drive a plant population toward extinction, but anthropogenic threats (eg. habitat loss, invasive species) are the most common and often the most destructive. Unfortunately, mitigating the impact of those threats to reduce a population’s risk of extinction is really complicated. Threats commonly have both direct and indirect effects,