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Hemant K. Badola

Over 37 years research: Biodiversity Conservation Management-transboundary, Khangchendzonga Landscape Conservation & Development Initiative (KLCDI), India: Sikkim and north Bengal) program, in Protected Areas: north-west & north-east Himalaya. Conventional approaches of biodiversity conservation-habitat-regeneration and adaptive mechanisms of flora/fauna, relating climate change). Major contributors-developed UNESCO MAB nomination documents for Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve and Manas Biosphere Reserve. Lead member working Group- revised/drafted/edited ‘Sikkim Biodiversity Action Plan 2012’. Medicinal/rare/endangered and multipurpose plants- availability, habitats/conservation utilizing: in-situ/ex-situ approaches, trade/policy. Biocultural/Indigenous knowledge. Ecotourism & wetlands

Eastern Himalaya Expects Future Timberline Ecotone Densification 

The impacts of climate change are vividly expressed in ecosystems, and such climate-induced alterations can be monitored in vegetation. Lately, mountain ecosystems have undergone accelerated changes due to rising temperatures. Temperature is a primary influencing factor promoting the snowmelt and […]