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Hans IJzerman

PSA Associate Director

Most of my research focuses on how social relationships are pleisiomorphically organized around processes of body temperature regulation, or, more colloquially stated, how our modern relationships are rooted in our penguin bodies.

The Psychological Science Accelerator: Building A “CERN For Psychology”

The science of human behavior holds great promise for illuminating processes that impact every one of our lives every day. We study how one can feel anger in one moment, and then contrition or joy in the next. We explore […]

Socially Thermoregulated Thinking: Temperature Fluctuations Drive Our Need For Loved Ones

Published by Hans IJzerman Université Grenoble Alpes, France These findings are described in the article entitled Socially thermoregulated thinking: How past experiences matter in thinking about our loved ones, recently published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (Journal of […]