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Hala Tamim

Dr. Tamim's main research interests are in the areas of maternal and child health, evaluation of trauma care, and adolescent health risk behaviors. As an epidemiologist, she has worked in several other research areas including molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases, diabetes, and pharmacoepidemiology. In the area of maternal and child health, her research has covered a variety of topics including c-section, Group B strep, consanguinity, and congenital abnormalities, breastfeeding, pre-conceptional folic acid intake, predictors of social support and parenting among teen and advanced aged mothers among others. The focus in the area of adolescent health risk behavior has been mostly on smoking, weight control measures, and predictors and outcomes of early menarche. Dr. Tamim recently completed a study that assessed the effects of Tai Chi on musculoskeletal fitness and psychological wellbeing among older adults. Currently, funded by the Doha International Family Institute (DIFI) and the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) Dr. Tamim with colleagues are studying the Lebanese family’s structure, characteristics and demands, and resources of support.

Cigarillo Smoking In Canada

Cigarillos, also known as “little cigars,” are the smallest type of cigars and can have added flavors to appease a wide range of consumers. Cigarillos have been gaining popularity in Canada, which is concerning as they contain toxicants that are […]