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Hagop Sarkissian

I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the City University of New York, Graduate Center and Baruch College , where I teach classes in ethics, metaethics, moral psychology, Chinese philosophy, philosophy of religion, and experimental philosophy.

Most of my research is in moral psychology, broadly construed. I am a methodological pluralist, and use resources from other relevant disciplines to inform my work, such as evolutionary biology and experimental psychology. I also draw extensively from the history of Chinese philosophy, especially the classical period (ca. 6th to 2nd century BCE).

I am a co-chair of the Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy.

Does Morality Make Us Make God In Our Own Image?

According to a recent survey, almost half of all Americans suppose that belief in God is necessary in order to be moral. (In fact, this number is down from previous iterations of the survey.) But how, exactly, does morality relate […]