About The Author

Dr. Dong is a Professor of environmental epidemiology and environmental toxicology. He has years of experience working as an environmental epidemiologist in China and his research areas of focus include adults and child health, environmental health, exposure assessment, indoor and outdoor air pollution. Also, His research area focused on the toxicological evaluation of some components in PM10 and PM2.5, such as perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), which exceeded levels of traditional new types of persistent organic pollutant (POPs) in ambient air particles.

When Policies Are Not Enough To Protect Us From Air Pollution, Pet Companions Might Be The Next Best Solution

Today, a growing number of countries are battling the rise in both air pollution and childhood hypertension. Often when air pollution and childhood hypertension are discussed, it is as two separate health issues, however, emerging research has shown that they might be more connected then we may think. Recent studies have suggested that short- and