About The Author

Gretta holds a first class BSc Economics from Queen's University and an MSc Economics and Econometrics with distinction from the University of Nottigham. Prior to undertaking her PhD studies Gretta worked in an economics consultancy in Manchester for 2 years as a research consultant. The role involved producing economic baseline reports for a range of private and public sector projects including residential schemes, commercial property, corporate footprints and green investments. Her PhD research looks at the effects of a major urban regeneration scheme on health and mental wellbeing in Northern Ireland.

Community-Led Regeneration Initiatives Can Alleviate Fuel Poverty

In developed countries characterized by temperate climates, a household is regarded as experiencing “fuel poverty” when it cannot afford to maintain a comfortable home temperature within reasonable cost. Fuel poverty is regarded as a social inequality and injustice issue and has become a political and health concern. Living in cold, damp homes can have deleterious