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Gregory Sparrow

Professor at the Univ. of Texas-Rio Grande Valley graduate counseling program; faculty member of Atlantic University; LPC-Supervisor (Tx) and LMFT (Va) in private practice in McAllen, Texas and via video conferencing; Board Chair (2015-2017), past President and Chair of the Education Committee for the International Assn. for the Study of Dreams; author of several books on dreams and religious experiences; fly fishing guide and casting instructor on the Lower Laguna Madre.

I provide counseling for individuals, couples, and families in McAllen, Texas. I also speak and conduct seminars in dream analysis, and guide saltwater fly fishers on the lower Laguna Madre of deep south Texas. I am the founder of DreamStar Institute, which offers mentoring, courses, and certification in dream analysis. See www.dreamanalysistraining.com.

I also create and manage websites (Moodle, Rapidweaver, Wordpress).

I am currently the site developer for the new Online Course Center for the International Assn. for the Study of Dreams (www.iasdreamcourses.org), offering CE and non-CE courses in dream study, and was the co-chair of the first Online Dream Research Conference sponsored by IASD in 2016, located at www.iasdreamresearch.com.

Resolving Nightmares Using A Lucid Dreaming Technique

Imagine that you could become aware that you were dreaming, or “lucid,” in your dreams at any time. Countless researchers and laypersons alike have pursued on-demand lucid dreaming since the first books mentioning the phenomenon began to appear in the […]