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Gina Hannon

Gina Hannon is a Palaeoecologist who specializes in the study of fossil plants. Her current research focuses on long term forest continuity as a proxy for biodiversity value and conservation interest. Gina is part of a Czech Research team looking at disturbance dynamics in montane Spruce forest ecosystems in the Tatra Mountains, central Europe. She also works on the history of Forest dynamics at Tolne Skog, northern Jutland, important as it lies at the northern limit of Fagus in Denmark. Gina works in collaboration with numerous colleagues within Europe who have the same botanical, geological, geographical and archaeological interests.

Forest “Hotspots” Of High Conservation Interest – Using The Past As A Guide For Management

The past can leave significant and surprising legacies Preserving large connected areas of valuable vegetation types in their natural, or essentially unmodified state, is a complex challenge for planning authorities at a time of rapidly changing climate. Palaeoecological data can […]