Gesine Pufal

I am very interested in animal-plant interactions and how they affect ecosystems. My focus is on seed feeding and seed dispersal by smaller animals such as woodlice, snails or beetles (Project: Phenotypic Plasticity and Behavioral Plasticity in Seed Spreading Interactions). I also want to know what impact biodiversity (including plant or arthropod diversity) has on ecosystem processes such as seed feeding and dispersal (project: seed dispersal and seed feeding along a city-land gradient) and how human impacts affect biodiversity and ecosystem functions (Project: Effects of human-applied antibiotics on plants and plant-insect interactions). I am particularly interested in sharing new scientific knowledge with the public and therefore I am trying to find new ways and means of actively involving society in our research.

Supporting Pollinators At The Landscape Scale

Nowadays, most people are very aware of the role that bees play in the pollination of crops, and the decline of bees is a prominent topic across the media. However, the majority of those people only have honeybees in mind, […]