George C. Efthimiou

George Efthimiou is currently a Postdoc researcher at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, UOWM, Greece. He obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Macedonia, Greece (2013). His research interests include the microscale modelling of environmental flows and pollutant dispersion with special emphasis on individual exposure in short-term release episodes. He has published research papers in peer-reviewed journals as well as in conference proceedings. He currently participates in the Working Committee of COST Action ES1006. In the past he has participated in the Working Committee of COST Action 732.

Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling For The Prediction Of The Dispersion Of Airborne Materials From Puff Releases In Complex Urban Environments

One of the key problems related to safety and human life is the emissions of hazardous substances into the atmosphere from point sources, which are caused mainly by deliberate or accidental atmospheric releases. In many cases, the releases are short […]