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Gavin Davey

My research interests are in the areas of Neuroscience and Glycobiology, with specific focus on enzymology, metabolic flux, glycosylation, computational & systems biology. My group researches the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie neurodegeneration in the brain, in particular, the role that energy metabolism and bioenergetics play in controlling neuronal function and dysfunction. A major goal is to understand how abnormal mitochondrial dynamics control cell loss in Parkinson's disease and other common brain disorders. My group also has interests in drug development and application of our technologies to the development of next-generation biotherapeutics, including bio- and glyco-engineering of recombinant proteins and therapeutic antibodies.

On/Off Switching During The Synthesis Of Complex Sugars

Glycosylation is the ubiquitous, highly-regulated process by which carbohydrate is added to proteins and lipids to form glycoconjugates (glycans). These carbohydrate portions of glycans can be as simple as a single sugar but are frequently more complex, forming linear and […]