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Gal Ziv

In general, my main research interests are motor skill acquisition and human factors. I research how eye movements and visual scanning can help individuals improve their ability to perform specific and complex motor skills such as conducting surgery or flying an airplane.

In complex working environments, certain aspects can be changed in order to reduce workload and improve safety. Under such conditions, those who perform motor skills can benefit from gaze training. Such training can teach them where and when to fixate their gaze so they don't miss crucial information from the environment.

Research shows that optimal gaze can be trained and thus help individuals (e.g., pilots, surgeons, athletes) to improve their motor skills.

My goal is to bridge the gap between science and practice and to help improve motor performance of individuals who work in stressful and complex environments.

Enhanced Expectancies In Golf Putting

Enhanced expectancies, or one’s expectations of being successful in a certain task, can lead to better performance and the acquisition of various motor skills (Wulf & Lewthwaite, 2016). Indeed, such improvements can be maintained even if one is manipulated into […]