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Gael J. Kergoat

Gael J. Kergoat is the Research Director at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (Inra) -- Plant Health and Environment Division.

A consistent theme of my work as an evolutionary biologist is aimed at using multidisciplinary approaches for the characterization of biodiversity, with a focus on pest species. With that goal in mind, my research program focuses on 3 questions: i) what are the factors that determine patterns of host-use in phytophagous insects? ii) how did extant patterns of species richness and distribution originate? and iii) how did past climate changes impact the diversification dynamics of insect groups?

Fossils Know It Best: Origin And Evolutionary History Of Murine Rodents

In a new study published in the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, a team of international researchers from the Czech Republic, France, and Japan selected and used a novel set of fossil calibrations to get a better understanding of the […]