Fausto Martelli

I am a Research Staff Member working in the field of Statistical Mechanics of liquids, ices and and
(biological) glasses. I have been recently nominated "Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor" at the Institute
for Advanced Study at the University of Bristol.

I received a BSc and a MSc in theoretical chemistry from the Universita` degli Studi di Milano, Italy,
where I received a PhD in collaboration with the Ecole normale superieure in Paris for a project aimed
at developing a model to study exciton transfer in dissipative media. After graduation, I joined the CNRS
in Paris as a postdoctoral scholar with a 2-year fellowship, developing classical potentials to describe the
interaction of water with heavy ions of interest in the nuclear industry. Afterwards, I moved to
Princeton University (USA) as a 4-years postdoctoral associate in the group of Prof. Roberto Car.
Here I worked in understanding the properties of water under extreme thermodynamic conditions.
After this postdoc, I was appointed to Faculty Associate Researcher at Princeton University, where I stayed
for one year befor joining IBM Research.

Rethinking The Concept Of Biological Water From Numerical Simulations

Biological water is the thin layer of water molecules that, by surrounding biological systems such as, e.g., proteins, organelles, and cell membranes, affects their fluidity, phase behavior and, ultimately, proper functioning. As a counter effect, the biological molecules interact with […]