How “Doggy Bags” Affect Portion Control In Women
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About The Author

Dr. Faris M. Zuraikat is a post-doctoral fellow at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. His research investigates how factors related to the food and environment (e.g. food portion size and energy density) as well as lifestyle factors (particularly sleep) influence energy balance and body weight. He completed his doctoral training at The Pennsylvania State University under the guidance of Dr. Barbara J. Rolls.


How “Doggy Bags” Affect Portion Control In Women

In the current eating environment, individuals are often faced with large portions of calorie-dense foods. It is well-established that oversized portions, served both within and outside of the home, lead to overeating and likely contribute to weight gain. Thus, there is a need to develop and test novel strategies to moderate calorie intake from large portion sizes, which is what we aimed to do in this study. Considering why individuals consume more when served a large amount of food can...

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