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Fabiano Fernandes Bargos

Fabiano holds a degree in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1996), a Master's degree in History from the Fluminense Federal University (1999), a PhD in Social History from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2005) and a Post- . He is currently Professor of Medieval History at Unifesp, Campus Guarulhos, working mainly in the following subjects: Military Orders, Kingdom of France in Late Middle Ages, Medieval England, War of Roses and Renaissance England. Member of the Luso-Brazilian Network of Medieval Studies. Member of the LEME (Laboratory of Medieval Studies) and coordinator of LEGIM (Legitimacy, Government and Social Conflicts in the Middle Ages and Renaissance). Author of Monarchy and polyarchy in France Late-medieval: the crime of lese-majesty in Aurillac, according to the process of the Duke of Nemours. C. 1474-c. 1476 (2016), Jacques de Armagnac, Duke of Nemours and the charge of Lesa-majestade. The construction of a political crime through written memory. 1465-1477 (2015) and urban insurrections and public rites in the late fourteenth century. The political and symbolic relations in the ceremonies of punishment to the cities in medieval France (2014), among other publications.

Computational Tools And OR For Optimal Design Of Cogeneration Systems

The search for fast, secure, and reliable solutions intensifies the use of computational tools to support the decision-making process and, in many cases, operational research (OR) methods play a fundamental role. OR is a branch of engineering focused on solving […]