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Evangelos Bellos

Evangelos Bellos is a PostDoc researcher at National Technical University of Athens | NTUA · Department of Thermal Engineering. 

"I have finished my Ph.D. (November 2016) in School of Mechanical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. I have also graduated from the same department with the grade of 9.61/10 at 2012. My scientific field covers the following areas: Solar Energy, Refrigeration systems, Nanofluids, Energy in Buildings, ORC"

Enhancing The Performance Of Parabolic Trough Collectors Using Nanofluids And Turbulators

Parabolic trough solar collector (PTC) is the most mature solar concentrating technology for useful heat production, up to 400oC. The PTC is used in a great variety of applications like solar cooling, industrial heat process, chemical process, desalination, and electricity […]

Multi-Objective Optimization Of A Solar Driven Trigeneration System

Solar energy exploitation is one of the most promising ways to face major problems as the growing population, the climate change, the fossil fuel depletion and the high electricity price. The building sector is one of the most attractive areas […]

Analyzing How Tea And Mint Infusion Effects Element Content In Beverages

Popular medicinal plants and their infusions have been the subject of significant scientific interest due to their therapeutic value for the prevention and treatment of diseases and health disorders. However, chemical compositions of medicinal plant species are complex. In addition […]