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Eunice Sousa

Eunice Sousa is a Biologist with a Ph.D. in Science Communication. Her main interests are the development of strategies for the public awareness of biodiversity through autonomous nature exploration and the boost of artistic and traditional communication channels to the demands of contemporary science communication. She specialized in direct contact with nature and the use of children trade books to the development of a more positive public perception of biodiversity. She has experience in creating, executing, and evaluating science communication programs including media, hands-on activities, citizen science and exhibitions as well as natural history manipulation for museology purposes. She contributed to several types of science communication projects including “Darwin’s Evolution” exhibition, “Ponds with Life” campaign, EC-funded LIFE+ Trachemys project and “Sea Food Chains” project. Her work in science communication is reported in international journal papers.

Novel Autonomous Biosampler Will Foster In Situ Aquatic Microbiome Monitoring

Climate change and the runoff of nutrients or pollutants greatly affects the equilibrium of natural microbial communities and compromises ecosystems’ environmental status. In order to effectively monitor these communities, there’s a call for quick, low- cost, and efficient sampling methods. […]