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Enrique Gracia

Enrique Gracia is Full Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Valencia, Spain, where he is Head of the Research Unit ‘VIO-STRATEGY: Advanced research strategies on family and gender violence’. His research is focused on intimate partner violence against women, with particular emphasis on public perceptions and attitudes, and the analysis of the influence of social environment-related variables in the prevalence and the unequal distribution of risk of partner violence against women. He has also been involved in the development of new intervention strategies for batterer intervention programs. He also has conducted research on child maltreatment, and parental socialization practices and children and youth developmental outcomes.

Exploring The “Nordic Paradox” Of Violence Against Women In Countries With High Gender Equality

Violence against women by their intimate partners is a major public health problem globally and remains even more so in western societies. Gender inequality has been considered a factor in explaining violence against women. However, although high levels of gender […]