About The Author

Emma-Louise (‘Emmilie’) Aveling is a Research Scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the Department of Health Policy and Management. She specializes in applied qualitative research in the fields of global public health and healthcare quality and safety. Her research focuses on the processes shaping the implementation and outcomes of health interventions and services in low- and high-income settings. She is particularly interested in community-based and partnership approaches to delivering high quality health services and interventions. After working in a number of non-governmental and social welfare organizations in the UK, Africa, Cambodia and Australia, Dr. Aveling decided to enter academic research. She trained in social, cultural and community psychology, ultimately earning a PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Aveling is currently Co-Principle Investigator of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – funded study, Business and Boston’s Health: Lessons from private–public–nonprofit collaboration. Through in-depth, qualitative case studies of Boston-based cross-sector initiatives targeting social determinants of health, this study aims to generate generalizable insights into the nature and mechanisms of effective cross-sector collaboration. This study is part the Harvard Culture of Health program.

Previously, Dr. Aveling led the Wellcome Trust–funded study, Improving patient safety through international partnerships: An ethnographic study,  and an ESRC–funded study of partnership working in the context of HIV prevention. She has also collaborated on projects investigating: surgical leadership and team dynamics; collaborative approaches to enhancing quality and safety of care; speaking up and out about patient safety concerns; and team-based primary care. She has conducted research in diverse clinical, organizational and community settings in the UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Rwanda and Ethiopia

Dr. Aveling is a Visiting Research Fellow at The Healthcare Improvement Studies (THIS) Institute, University of Cambridge (UK) and has previously held visiting appointments at the National School of Public Health, Fiocruz (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and the Australian National University (Canberra, Australia).

Observing The Natives: Impact Of Interpersonal Communication Style On Teamwork And Engagement In Surgical Teams

Whether it’s in the cockpit, on the battlefield, or in the operating room (OR), we would all agree that we want the A-team in place, especially when life is on the line. But what is it that makes these teams perform well while others, with seemingly similar skillsets, perform poorly? What’s the impact of how