About The Author

Doctorate in Paleontology (2018), Master in Ecology (2011), Bachelor and Bachelor in Biological Sciences (2004/2007), with experience in Quaternary mammals. He coordinated the Palaeontology Laboratory of the Museum Foundation of the American Man (FUMDHAM, 2011-2014) and acted as paleontologist of the National Institute of Archeology, Paleontology and Environment of the Semi Arid (INAPAS / CNPq), working on projects that dealt with taxonomy and taphonomy of deposits with vertebrate remains, including quarantine megafauna.

A Single Grave, Several Generations: Paleoecological Insights From Skeletons Of An Extant Species

It is not rare to find in the fossil record of vertebrates cases in which fossils from one or few extinct species predominate over others represented in a bone assemblage. This type of findings has happened in deposits of several geological ages and environmental contexts. A very common interpretation for such deposits is that a