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Elizabeth Pang

Dr. Pang obtained her PhD in psychology from York University in 1997. For her doctoral dissertation, she examined the effects of different pharmacological agents on event-related brain potentials associated with auditory processing and auditory attention. She proceeded to complete a post-doctoral fellowship at the Hospital For Sick Children where she tracked the developmental course of auditory event-related potentials associated with the processing of speech and non-speech stimuli. Currently, her interests involve using auditory event-related potentials to examine diseases with dysfunctional auditory processing.

Like Child’s Play: Compared To Adults, Children Recruit Additional Brain Areas To Complete A Mental Flexibility Task

Every day, people face unforeseen changes in their lives. Some of these events are trivial, such as when the local deli runs out of your favorite bagel, however, others can have important consequences. Regardless of the exact details, all these […]