Mineral Transformations In Aluminium-Rich Fireclays
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About The Author

Elisa Laita is a researcher at University of Zaragoza | UNIZAR · Department of Earth Sciences, specializing in X-ray diffraction and X-ray Crystallography.



Mineral Transformations In Aluminium-Rich Fireclays

At the present time, aluminium-rich clays with kaolinite and/or pyrophyllite are the most important raw materials in refractory ceramics and to manufacture high-quality stoneware and ceramic pavements. For this reason, to determine the mineral transformations that take place in these clays during a ceramic process is of great interest. To carry out a study about these mineral and textural transformations, three samples were selected from a shale outcrop in the Iberian Range (NE Spain). These materials belong to the Silurian...

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