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Diego R. Barneche

PhD. Barneche is a lecturer at the University of Exeter | UoE · College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

"My present focus lies in quantitative experimental + theoretical approaches that scale energetics across multiple levels of biological organisation. My research is focused on understanding how the relative importance of abiotic variables (temperature and nutrients), properties of individuals (body size), species (trophic level) and communities (species richness) interplay to determine population density, community-level energy flux and biomass production, and ecosystem-level trophic efficiency."

Why Are There More Species Packed In Some Places Than Others, And Why Does It Matter?

THE QUESTION Biodiversity  – the richness of species found at a given location – is critical to maintaining ecological processes and the benefits provided to humans by natural ecosystems. It is, therefore, extremely important to understand what causes biodiversity to […]