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Dennis L. Corwin

Dennis L. Corwin is a Research Soil and Environmental Scientist at U.S. Salinity Laboratory · USDA-Agricultural Research Service.

"Pioneer in the use of advanced information technology (e.g., geophysical techniques, GIS, spatial statistics, model-based sampling design, uncertainty analysis, remote imagery, etc.) to model and map NPS pollutants, particularly soil salinity. Pioneer in the development of ECa-directed soil sampling to characterize soil spatial variability for applications in field to regional-scale salinity assessment, solute transport modeling, precision agriculture, and degraded water reuse impact assessment."

Mapping Soil Salinity From Space: Keeping An Eye On Degradation Of The World’s Farmland

The presence of soluble salts, such as sodium chloride, in agricultural soils can dramatically reduce crop yield. In irrigated agriculture, especially in arid and semi-arid areas, the buildup of salts in the soil profile is driven by several evapotranspiration processes […]