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Prof. Satish Dhawan Chair Professor Chairman, Centre for Earth Science Professor, Dept of Civil Engg, Associate Faculty, Interdisciplinary Centre for Water Research (ICWaR) Associate Faculty, Divecha Centre for Climate Change (DCCC) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India More details at http://www.civil.iisc.ac.in/~nagesh

Satellites To Estimate Reference Evapotranspiration And Air Temperature

Peninsular rivers in India are heavily dependent on monsoons. Climate change is likely to worsen the situation as monsoon patterns change. Due to the enormous demand for water from various sectors, water resources have become limited and led to overexploitation. Precise estimation of reference evapotranspiration (ETo) plays a vital role in water resources management. ETo

Increasing Surface Water Trends In Peninsular India

Water resources play a crucial role in India’s economic growth, as a large portion of India’s GDP is dependent on the agriculture and allied sectors. Thus, continuous monitoring of water resources in India is of prime importance to meet irrigational needs besides sustaining demands of hydropower generation, industrial growth, and rural and urban sanitation. As