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Cynthia F. Moss

Cynthia F. Moss is a Professor in Psychological and Brain Sciences, with joint appointments in Neuroscience and Mechanical Engineering. At Johns Hopkins, she directs the Comparative Neural Systems and Behavior Laboratory, aka the Bat Lab. Moss received a B.S. (summa cum laude) from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Ph.D. from Brown University. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Tübingen, Germany, and a Research Fellow at Brown University before joining the faculty at Harvard University. At Harvard, Moss received the Phi Beta Kappa teaching award and was named the Morris Kahn Associate Professor. She later moved to the University of Maryland, where she was a Professor in the Department of Psychology and Institute for Systems Research until 2014. At Maryland, Moss served as Director of the interdepartmental graduate program in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science. She was recognized in 2010 with the University of Maryland Regents Faculty Award for Research and Creativity. In 2017, she received the Hartmann Award in Auditory Neuroscience and in 2018, she received the James McKeen Cattell Award, which supports her current sabbatical leave at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

How An Echolocating Bat’s Brain May Solve The Microsecond Timing Problem

On summer evenings, before it gets completely dark, you may have spotted some flying creatures overhead. Although these creatures could be swallows or other birds out at dusk, there is a good chance that they are bats, the only mammals […]