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Corey H. Allen

Corey recently moved to Atlanta from Denver after graduating from Regis University with his BS in Neuroscience and BA in Philosophy. He worked as a lab tech at CU Anschutz, applying transcranial magnetic stimulation in clinical trials. He is currently a PhD student in Eyal Aharoni’s lab, researching the neuroprediction of recidivism, and the ethical issues surrounding such modes of risk assessment.

Corey’s concentration and interests lie in neuroethics and the moral/ethical implications that come with the advancement of knowledge and technology in neuroscience.

Neurobiological Evidence In Sentencing Decisions: A Double-Edged Sword

Brain evidence is playing an increasing role in criminal trials, and new research by Allen and colleagues (2019) suggests that such evidence may have both aggravating and mitigating effects on criminal sentencing. Indeed, legal theorists have previously portrayed physical evidence […]