About The Author

I am passionate about science; human prehistory and history; and biological evolution. We humans (with our intelligence) have modified our natural and cultural environment to suit our purposes and this modified environment has impacted our biology, i.e. Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions--the proliferation of infectious and non-infectious diseases. In short adaptation and evolutionary change will be critical in the present environment of "super" microbes. In essence, evolutionary studies and how organisms adapt is quite fascinating to me. My objective is to find a position to study evolutionary change.

How Evolutionary Forces, Development Constraints And A Changing Climate Influenced Genetic Drift

It has long been suggested that the relationship between Bergmann (1847) and Allen (1877) ecogeographical principles and geography may be applied to humans. For well over a century, these ecogeographical principles have been used by biological anthropologists to test hypotheses about variation in human body shape and size. As such, we explored variations in body