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Colin Axon

Colin Axon is a senior lecturer and current Chair of the Energy Group of the Institute of Physics. His research is about the use of energy in the urban environment and the limits to natural resources. His main areas of interest are in transport, electricity networks, energy security, resource efficiency, and the application of robust methods for metrics and indicators. He has published more than 80 reviewed articles and technical reports.

Sources Of Risk And Uncertainty In Deploying Smart Grids

Future electricity networks will have to become smarter, but how, and is it a free lunch? “The smart grid” is not a single artifact that can be picked off a shelf. The starting points are unique combinations emerging from historical […]

Low-Carbon Transitions: How Much Change Can A Nation Afford?

The urgency of climate change mitigation demands tools for examining how economies can embark – and stay – on a path of low-carbon transition. In times of war, economies become a “war machine,” configured to support their fighting forces while […]