About The Author

Christopher J. Gobler is an Endowed Chair of Coastal Ecology and Conservation at Stony Brook University. His research areas include: Coastal ecosystem ecology, climate change, harmful algal blooms, phytoplankton, ocean acidification, effects of multiple stressors on coastal marine resources, and aquatic biogeochemistry. His research focuses on understanding the functioning of aquatic ecosystems and how that functioning can be affected by man or can affect man.

Climate Change Stressors Threaten Blue Crab Populations

Billions of larval blue crabs, or zoeae, are spawned each year into the many estuaries and bays of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States. These tiny translucent animals, comparable in size to the tips of fine sewing needles, only faintly resemble adult blue crabs.  A small fraction of zoeae successfully navigate the