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Chris Cooper

Christopher B. Cooper obtained his B.S. in chemical engineering from North Carolina State University in 2017 as a Park Scholar, completing his honor’s thesis on liquid metal electronics under the supervision of Dr. Michael D. Dickey. He then completed an MPhil in chemical engineering at the University of Cambridge as a Churchill Scholar working with Dr. Jacqueline M. Cole on a design-to-device approach for materials discovery of new co-sensitized dye-sensitized solar cells. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Stanford University working with Dr. Zhenan Bao on the design of stretchable and self-healable electronic devices.

The Best Of Both Worlds: Creating A Strong, Stretchable Fiber For A Range Of Materials

Throughout history, humans have sought to find or design materials with desirable properties for different applications. Since each material has its advantages and disadvantages, oftentimes we want to try and combine them to get the “best of both worlds.” However, […]