Chiara Bedon

Chiara Bedon is Assistant Professor at University of Trieste, Department of Engineering and Architecture, Italy, where she chairs the course of 'Structural Analysis'. Early Career Investigator (PhD degree in 2012), since 2009 she is involved in European projects and networks (JRC-ERNCIP, NATO-SPS, COST, etc.). In April 2017, she achieved the Italian National scientific qualification for the position of Associate Professor in Structural Engineering. With more than 180 peer-reviewed scientific publications, she collaborated with >70 international co-authors. Editor-in-Chief for the open access International Journal of Structural Glass and Advanced Materials Research, she joins several Editorial board committees for ISI international journals.

Thick Embedded Connections For Laminated Glass Structures

Laminated and hybrid glass systems are most typically made by bonding or joining together several structural components and materials. Their structural performance and safe design are, hence, related to the optimal combination of several parameters, including material properties and degradation, […]