Earthquakes And The Strength Of The Crust In Taiwan
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About The Author

Chi-Hsien Tang is a research scientist at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and currently a Ph.D. student at National Taiwan University. His research interests are in the area of geophysics and geodesy. He is particularly focused on using geodetic data to better understand crustal deformation, seismic cycles, and mechanics of earthquakes and faulting.

Earthquakes And The Strength Of The Crust In Taiwan

The strength of the crust plays a critical role in controlling the size and recurrence time of earthquakes, as well as the evolution of plate tectonics and mountain building over the geological time scale. With a recently developed algorithm, we were able to probe the strength evolution of the rocks in the lower crust beneath the Taiwan orogenic belt, quantified by their viscosity. If rocks have low viscosity, it means they are weak and can be easily deformed; on the...

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