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Charmaine Borg

Charmaine Borg works as a research scientist at the University of Groningen.

I have earned my MSc in Mental Health Studies at King's College London. My majors were in cognitive behaviour therapy & women's mental health. I conducted my PhD studies at the University of Groningen in experimental psychology and clinical psychopathology. My core research areas include sexual dysfunctions, arousal and disgust. Currently, I am a researcher/lecturer at the University of Groningen, and in 2015 I have been awarded the European Certification of Psycho-Sexologist (ECPS).

Dirty Odor Reduces Genital Sexual Arousal In Men

Whether sexual stimuli excite people depends not only on how sexually exciting a stimulus is but also on the extent to which there are simultaneously active processes that actually counteract sexual arousal, such as feelings of disgust or fear. For […]