About The Author

Charmaine Borg works as a research scientist at the University of Groningen.

I have earned my MSc in Mental Health Studies at King's College London. My majors were in cognitive behaviour therapy & women's mental health. I conducted my PhD studies at the University of Groningen in experimental psychology and clinical psychopathology. My core research areas include sexual dysfunctions, arousal and disgust. Currently, I am a researcher/lecturer at the University of Groningen, and in 2015 I have been awarded the European Certification of Psycho-Sexologist (ECPS).

Dirty Odor Reduces Genital Sexual Arousal In Men

Whether sexual stimuli excite people depends not only on how sexually exciting a stimulus is but also on the extent to which there are simultaneously active processes that actually counteract sexual arousal, such as feelings of disgust or fear. For example, earlier research has shown that sexual stimuli provoke less sexual excitement if these individuals