About The Author

Camila Ludovique is an industrial engineer at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. Camila Ludovique Callegari joined the Energy Program (ENE) at IIASA as research assistant, as part of the cooperation program with the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Level Personnel (CAPES) of the Brazilian government. Ms. Callegari is currently a PhD student with the Energy Planning Program of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, which teaches research and development activities related to the areas of Energy Planning, such as energy technology, energy economics, energy models and energy and environment. She holds a master’s degree in Energy Planning, having graduated in Industrial Engineering.

Cost Overruns And Delays In Energy Megaprojects: How Big Is Big Enough?

Is bigger worse? The idea of this paper, published in the journal Energy Policy, was to investigate the hypothesis that the probability distribution of megaprojects’ performance factors is more asymmetrical than that of small/medium projects, with a special focus on mega hydroelectric dams recently built in Brazil. Why does it matter? If construction cost overruns