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Brian Vad Mathiesen

I specialise in the design of 100 % Renewable Energy Systems and the transition from current systems towards such systems from both a technical and economic perspective. I focus my research on Smart Energy Systems and large-scale integration of fluctuating renewable resources (e.g. wind power). Sector integration and identifying synergies in all parts of the energy and transport system for feasible storage and management of intermittent resources are key (e.g. Heat Roadmap Europe 2050). For a decade, I have done research in energy planning, technical energy system analyses, feasibility studies as well as public regulation and technological changes in society.

The Role And Potential For Solar Thermal In Future Energy Systems 

The necessary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere need to occur within the next decades. During that period, significant renewable energy volumes will be installed, but the challenge is which technologies to prioritize. Currently, wind and solar power […]