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B. M. Daas is a MSc (NET), BEd, PGDHE, PGDHRM, MBA at Visva Bharati University · ISERC. B. M. Daas has experience in teaching, training and counselling since 2001. Asst. Prof., Chemistry, Govt. Degree College, Tripura.

Ancient Indian Chemistry

Chemistry in ancient India wasn’t at all what it is today. In ancient India, chemistry was called “Rasayana” in Sanskrit, the language in vogue. Rasayana derived its name from “Rasa,” which means “extract,” maybe from roots, leaves, and stems of plants. Sages in ancient India used to extract juices from various plants and trees for

Chemistry Throughout History: Fragmented And Funny Facts

The history of chemistry originated in the accidental discovery of gold. Throughout history, queens and kings desired gold and sought after it. This gave rise to alchemy in the middle ages; the sole dream of the alchemists was to transform ordinary metals into gold. There was a belief that the ‘Philosopher’s stone’ could turn any

Sweeping Action Of ZSM-5 In Fuel Cells Catalysis

Energy is a key component of economic development and growth and is an essential ingredient for a better lifestyle. Global demand for energy is swelling consistently and this is increasing the environmental pollution as power sectors depend primarily on the use of fossil fuels, especially in developing and underdeveloped nations. To make the situation worse,