Balaraman Kalyanaraman

Balaraman Kalyanaraman is the Chairman of the Department of Biophysics at the Medical College of Wisconsin.  Kalyanaraman's research interests are centered on the application of EPR and spin traps in free radical biology, synthesis and reactions of fluorescence probes, nitration/nitrosation and bicarbonate-mediated oxidative reactions in biological systems, and understanding the role of free radicals, nitric oxide and cyclic nucleotides in signal transduction, proteasomal activation and apoptosis. Raman serves as an Associate Editor for Free Radical Biology and Medicine.

What Effects Do Antioxidants Have On Tumors?

The general public is increasingly interested in knowing whether antioxidant (vitamin E, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10 [Co-Q], and a litany of other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents sold over the counter) supplementation during cytotoxic cancer therapy or radiation therapy is beneficial […]