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Atticus E. L. Stovall

Atticus graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A in Environmental Science. His time as an undergraduate was spent researching soil restoration of agricultural land outside of Charlottesville, VA with Dr. Aaron Mills. Soon after graduation, Atticus began work as an intern for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation where he helped develop a GIS based model that prioritizes funding opportunities for longleaf pine restoration sites that exist in North Carolina. Since beginning his work on a M.S. in Environmental Science, he has worked closely with Dr. Hank Shugart to formulate a relevant research question concerning forest ecosystem dynamics, remote sensing, and landscape-scale modeling.

Measuring Forests In 3D To Improve Global Carbon estimates

Forests are key in stabilizing the earth’s climate – they hold nearly half of carbon on the land and offset one-third of human carbon emissions. While trees cover 4 billion hectares of the Earth’s surface, we are limited in our […]